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A U.S. Secret Service Agent Cracks a
Vatican Counterfeiting and Pedophile Case.

Immaculate Deception - REVIEWS (coming soon)

Reviews from previous books - The Complex and The Two Edged Sword

5 Stars - I found this book to be well written, intriguing, eye opening and informative. Mr Tucker needs to be commended first of all for his service to the United States of America, and secondly for taking the time to give the reader a first hand look at history, from someone who was on the front line. I found myself inspired to read more about the specific details and events highlighted in the book and found it intriguing how certain things are left out of the history books that are used in our school system. Great job.


5 Stars - Tucker is a black man that played football at the University of Iowa and received his B. A. in 1961. After serving in the U. S. military and being part of a military unit that escorted James Meredith, Tucker experienced the most virulent expressions of racism as the federal government forced change. This included the racism expressed by the white citizenry of Mississippi as well as by the leaders of his unit. He was told to stay away from the action for "fear" that his black face would further antagonize the white crowd.

After his stint in the military, Tucker spent decades working in the law enforcement community and he experienced racism there as well. As a citizen, I found his stories of police racism and corruption, incompetence and all forms of intolerance disturbing. Young people are taught from an early age that the people in uniform are the "good guys", yet it is clear from Tucker's experiences that self-interest and ignorance are often the most significant motivating forces driving an officer.

Tucker has worked in drug enforcement, counterfeiting and if you have watched a lot of video of presidential candidates meeting crowds, you have no doubt seen his face. It had to have been a difficult thing for him to pledge to take a bullet for George Wallace, one of the last of the overtly racist politicians.
Fortunately, there were men like Tucker, professional to the core and willing to push the system to change. This is a far better country as a result of the efforts of Tucker and the other minority agents that demanded that they be treated as equals. This is not a pleasant story, but it is the reality and Tucker is to be commended for taking the slogan "To protect and to serve" so literally and honorably.


5 Stars - The author's writing style will take you along on his journey through history. You will experience all his emotions (pain,anger,sadness,disappointment,laughter,pride and more) from growing up on the south side of Chicago,his college years at the University of Iowa, and his rise through the ranks of federal law enforcement. I highly recommend this book to all!


5 Stars - As a former African-American federal undercover agent I recognize the dichotomy of emotion felt by these trailblazers. Don does a great job of intoducing you to them and describing the emotional and professional difficulties they faced.


5 Stars - This book is definitely a entertaining book from start to finish. I'm a huge fan of conspiracies, thrillers, and law investigation among others. The main character, without an doubt, fits the role of the story. This is a great book to start the year. Worth reading !


@Don - "Immaculate Deception" is bloody brilliant! It's an evocative play on words that fits your material perfectly. Your publisher was absolutely right. This is a much better title, and whoever conceived it deserves a Pulitzer in punning. ~ By Larry Constantine





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