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A U.S. Secret Service Agent Cracks a
Vatican Counterfeiting and Pedophile Case



Two years after executing a major sting operation that places Tony Masella, one of Chicago’s most notorious counterfeiters behind bars, U. S. Secret Service agent Wesley Charles receives an urgent call from the DC Bureau. Wes soon discovers that Masella, now released from prison, is part of a slick international Vatican-based counterfeiting ring of pedophile priests.

The Vatican is using counterfeit money to staunch the flood of lawsuits involving pedophile cases that threaten to bankrupt the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. World-famous couturier “Peppi” Giuseppe Tubiano and his lover, “Father Ira” (Philip Tuma), who is director of the Chicago archdiocese consortium of non-profit foundations, operate a global bank trading and counterfeiting scam, using the counterfeit money to pay off the courts. The Church performs “rituals of forgiveness” for its pedophile priests, retiring or relocating them to distant dioceses where they are free to continue their sexual debauchery.          

Blackmail becomes the flavor of the day when Italian police officer Angela Micele, a smoky-eyed Sophia Loren look-like and her sexy friend, Maria Pelino, who works in the Rome USSS offices as a translator, cook up a plot to seek revenge for Angela’s USSS boyfriend murdered by the Mafia in a bungled attempt to bring down the Italian counterfeiters. Agent Charles, the two women and Maria’s cousin Nicky, a member of the Vatican Swiss Guard, pull off a series of elaborate high tech stunts in the final scene underneath the Sistine Chapel only hours after the new pope has been elected.

Although this is a fiction work, it is based on factual information. It is common knowledge that the courts are flooded with cases involving Catholic priests practicing pedophilia and sexual abuse. Few people are aware that these cases continue to go unprosecuted while other non-Catholic sex offenders land behind bars with serious charges and long-term sentences. Immaculate Deception begs the question about divine dispensation, papal politics and Catholic controlled courts.

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Pope 'Led Cover-Up Of Child Abuse By Priests'

Vatican Comes Under Sharp Criticism For Sex Abuse

Chicago Archdiocesan Files Reveal Extent of Sex Abuse Cover-Up


About Donald

Donald Tucker graduated in 1961 from the University of Iowa with a BA in Sociology/Criminology. He began his career in federal law enforcement in Chicago, Illinois, with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics as an undercover agent in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the country during one of the most challenging periods in this country’s history. Tucker later transferred to the U.S. Secret Service where he continued to set records for his prodigious undercover work while also protecting the country’s highest level of dignitaries, including the U.S. President and the Pope.

Tucker has held several high level supervisory positions in the U.S. Government, for which he has received numerous awards, including the Secretary of the Treasury Award for outstanding investigative service. In 1990 the U.S. President appointed him to the position of U.S. Marshal for the State of Arizona. In 1994, as Chief of Security for the U.S. Federal Courts in Washington, D.C., a position for which Tucker was selected after a nationwide search, he monitored the investigation of the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Court House. In 1996, Tucker returned to Arizona and opened a private investigation company, T.I.P.S., Tucker Investigation and Protection Services. Simultaneously he served as Chief of the Special Investigations unit, of the States Department of Economic Security office. In the latter position he issued a report for the Governor of Arizona to improve the unit’s operation. As an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission counselor for several government agencies, Tucker has been instrumental in developing diversity and sensitivity training for upper-level management. 

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What People Should Remember about the Catholic Church
Former Secret Service Agent Says Pope’s Glowing Headlines May Be Eclipsed By 3 New Media Deals

Topic Summary

The decision to elect Cardinal Jorge Bergoglia as the new pontiff clearly worked wonders to finally earn the Roman Catholic Church glowing headlines. But not even the media’s new hero, Time’s Person of the Year, can exorcise what continues to haunt the church.

“I think Pope Francis is an honorable man, but the baggage he has inherited within the church includes an entrenched social structure of corruption; it is damning, and it must be recognized by the public,” says former Secret Service agent Donald W. Tucker, author of the new book “Immaculate Deception,” (, a novel about a powerful criminal element working within the Vatican.

Despite the charming new pope, the media hasn’t forgotten about what the public does know of church’s dark side. Three new books, including Tucker’s, are expected to once again focus widespread attention on the many elaborate sex abuse scandals.

DreamWorks had been working on a film project dealing with the scandals of the church, but it has been stopped.

The church still owes billions of dollars in settlements to victims. “How can the Vatican afford it?” Tucker asks.

Last summer, a Vatican cleric, a financier and a spy were accused of conspiring to smuggle $26 million out of Switzerland, Tucker says. This financial scandal, in addition to everything else, threatens to bankrupt the Vatican bank, he says. 

Discussion Questions
·         As a former Secret Service agent, did you do some investigating of your own in preparation for writing “Immaculate Deception”? What did you learn?
·         Are there any interesting developments in the prosecution of priests and archbishops involved in the sexual abuse scandal?
·         Given the sheer amount of hypocrisy, abuse and scandal from the church, do you think it has any moral authority left in the world’s affairs?
·         What’s your take on Pope Francis; is he the best thing to happen to the church in a long time? Can he solve its troubles? Is he safe?
·         What’s your view of the abrupt retirement of the former pope, Benedict XVI?
·         Scandal in the Catholic Church is nothing new; how has it survived this long, and do you think it has a long future ahead?
·         Do you know why DreamWorks halted its film regarding scandals in the Catholic Church?

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About Donald W. Tucker

Donald W. Tucker got his early education on streets of Chicago’s South Side, and from parents who worked hard and strived to raise six “good” boys. His long career in federal law enforcement includes overseeing the investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and, after retirement from the Secret Service, serving as U.S. Marshal for Arizona. Tucker currently owns a private investigation agency in Arizona.


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